Facebook’s Phonebook

July 2, 2008

Facebook has a very nicely done page that displays phone numbers of all your friends; it doesn’t show it very easily though.

Here’s how I found it:

  1. Click on account (top right)
  2. Click on Mobile
  3. Click on Go to Facebook Mobile >>

You’ll find the Phonebook link somewhere on the top

Here’s the direct link: http://www.facebook.com/mobile/?phonebook

I’ve had “facebook friends” asking for my phone number a couple of times and hence thought of posting.

Useful feature, deeply buried.


My Reliance Data Card Woes

June 16, 2008

I have a Reliance Data Card that I use once in a while when I’m out of office.

Around 28th of April they disabled the connection without any prior notification. When I called up the Customer Support the fellow on the other side told me that my outstanding bill is about Re 5750/- because of which the connection has been disabled. I asked if they should have notified me before taking such an action to which he mentioned something about the company policy.

Anyway, I thought that I should go to Reliance Web World (which is where I pay the bill) and have it resolved as it’s impossible to get that kind of bill for a usage of 6 days (billing cycle is from 22nd) in the sparing manner that I use it. The fellow at the Reliance Web World suggested that I should get a “detailed bill” and clarify as the bill is usually not wrong.

“Alright, please give me the detailed bill.”, I said
“Oh, for that you’ll have to call our customer support.”, he replied.

I was inside a Reliance Web World. I took time out of my schedule to visit the place because I expected to be served better and more (or equally) than when I call a customer center. (If there are things that require authentication, connecting with “central database”, have a telephone there with high priority!)

I asked if he can at least initiate the request for a detailed bill from there and he replied in negative.

So I went to my office and made the call. I told the fellow on the other side of the situation and that it seemed that I’ve been billed erroneously which really surprised him.

“Would you like a detailed bill?”, he asked.
“Very much so.”
“It would cost your Re 50 which will be added to your next bill.”

Which I found extremely ironical. I had to pay them more money to be able to tell them that I’ve been overcharged! (It also means that if they charge me Re 49/- extra in every bill, it’s cheaper to let them do it.)

Since I was in too deep I asked him to initiate the request. He mumbled his protocol things of request taken etc. and announced that the detailed bill will arrive in 8 working days at my address.

“8 working days!”, I screamed.
“Yes sir, it takes that much time.”
“Would it not be possible for you to just email me the bill?”
“Would you like to receive it through email?”
“Very much so!”

He again mumbled his protocol things of request taken etc. and announced that the detailed bill will be sent through email in 2 working days. I didn’t argue.

Detailed bill arrived and, of course, it was a huge mess. They had billed me for 200 hours for 5 days (24 X 5 =120 hrs) of usage! One session had gone on for about 94 hrs in a span of 2 days during which various other sessions had been initiated and discontinued. It’s outright ridiculous (and is available here for your perusal).

I wondered how many customers would have received this kind of bill and paid without noticing the error which is something I would have done if only the bill amount wasn’t so outrageous.

I called the customer support and explained the fellow on the other side the situation. He said that he’s unable to pull up the detailed bill currently and asked me to call after an hour or so which I did.

“Would you hold for a moment please.”, he said

The fellow had gone! He put me on hold and most probably left his seat to have a cigarette or something. What could I have done, I’ve heard its a tough job.

In any case I had the detailed bill in my hand and with new found confidence, I went to the Reliance Web World again where I showed the bill and explained them why they can’t bill me for 94 hours in 2 days and 30 hrs in one day. He understood, registered the complaint, gave me the complaint number and said with utmost honesty, “You’ll receive a call in next 48 hours.” I thanked him and left.

That was the morning of 8th of June. I’ve been to Reliance Web World once again, have spoke to the customer support on phone thrice and my complaint is still in “SOLVING”.

The bill also mentions that one can call the Nodal Officer or the Appellate Officer if any complaint about the bill is not resolved. I have really tried calling them at various hours of a working day but apparently the phone is always “busy”.

Of course, I have not been able to use my data card for more than a month now.

PS: Detailed bill is available here. The column next to “Dur (sec)” is the “hours”.

PPS: While all this was going on Reliance Power people took the meter out from our office because of non payment of bill WITHOUT ANY NOTICE.

It’s here! It’s back!

March 5, 2008

Got this spam-marketing mail today:


How r u ?

This is a invitation for you to join the Rupeemail system, through which I’m earning money for just reading Emails.

Click the link and register, and thats all start earning !!!




What is this? 1998? Because around that time there used to be a very similar startup called Chequemail.  I got a cheque of Rs 300/- from them for not even checking my mails! Sadly, economics took over very soon (damn!). I think they were out of business (if I may call it that) even before the Bubble Burst.

I feel funny (and nostalgic).

PS: Things like these really make me wanna blog!

November 19, 2007

They see that people in this age bracket are delaying marriage. They’re delaying having children. They’re delaying permanent employment. People who were born before 1964 tend to define adulthood by certain accomplishments — moving away from home, becoming financially independent, getting married and starting a family.

The Odyssey Years (NYT).

Though the article does not mention India at all and all the stats used are either US or European, the idea of Odyssey years does not seem too distant from certain sections of Indian population.

November 8, 2007

The tall stools in bars represent status of singles in the society. They get to ‘look down upon’ all the couples sitting on the chairs who have no choice but to ‘look up’ to them.

“What, you wanna talk to me? How about standing up first?”

Vakow! went live

October 12, 2007

Vakow! went live at about 5:30 am on 9th Oct, 2007. At 6:36 am, I got this horoscope SMS (through MyToday’s SMS Service):

Maybe you are a touch unrealistic, so watch you don’t sail into something thinking you can’t lose. Focus on the essentials & keep your head down.



PS: Our users are loving it and are mailing us stuff like “Rock on guys.”. Surely, we will .

October 5, 2007

After the one with thousands of bouncy balls and the one with lots of Paint, Sony Bravia has a new advert – this time with Bunnies in NY:

September 3, 2007

Mostly I’m just about okay (not happy) with Indiatimes, Zapak Mail, Rediff Mail etc. trying to promote their email service on mass mediums like Television or Print.

But why on earth would they show you the advert in the Gmail view itself.

Indiatimes Gmail

“Oh okay! I’m bored with Gmail and it’s about time I shift to the next generation crappier mail service that can be hacked easily“.

August 31, 2007

For instance, soon after the novelist Matt Haig put up a MySpace profile to promote his book “The Dead Fathers Club,” he received a message that would make any writer’s heart thump. Someone wanted to “friend” him, and that someone was none other than … William Shakespeare. Shakespeare “sent a message telling me how much he enjoyed my work,” Haig explained to me (via MySpace mail). “I returned the compliment and told him ‘King Lear’ was pretty good, too, and that I’m sure he has a solid career ahead of him.”

in A Space for us.

August 11, 2007

Two of my friends are in Round 2 of Yahoo’s emotiCONTEST. Ladies and Gentlemen, please vote for Kirti (swooning in astonishment) and Sheece (who’s watching you) who are on their path to cyber-immortality.

While you’re at it you might as well read NYT’s recent article on emoticons.